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Main Causes of Food Insecurity free essay sample

What are the main causes of food insecurity in the world today? Outline and evaluate 2 or 3 possible solutions to food insecurity problems. Introduction World Food Summit defines food security as: â€Å"Food security exists when all people, at all times, have physical and economic access to sufficient, safe and nutritious food that meets their dietary needs and food preferences for an active and healthy life†. (World Food Summit, 1996) On the contrary, the food insecurity means the situation people who are lack of food or nutrition. A person who lives in such situation for a very long time cannot access enough nutritious food to be healthy. Additionally, food insecurity can be chronic, seasonal or transitory (FAO, 2000). At present, the problem has been more and more serious and it has caused a series of problems. In some areas where food is abundant, the nation feel adequately secured about food. However, there are still over 925 million people (20%) suffering the chronic hunger in the developing counties in 2010 (FAO, 2010). In the graph below, it show the trend of the number of undernourished people in the world, and in 2009 it reached a peak of over 1000 million. Even though the population of hunger decreased in 2010, it is still a difficulty issue for around the world. pic] In general, there are many causes of food insecurity, for instance, the unavailability of food, insufficient purchasing power, inappropriate distribution, or inadequate use of food at the household level (FAO, 2000). However, all these reasons contribute to one same result, undernourishment. As far as I see, these reasons can be related in two main causes: the short supply of grain and people cannot access enough food to keep a healthy life individually. On one hand, the production of grain is easily affected by natural factors. Firstly, the global food output is facing a huge challenge because of climate change. It is thought that global warming is a important reason for decreasing production of food. Based on NCDC’s data, the average temperature has been rising since 1970, and 1995-2005 is the hottest decade by record which greatly affected the production of grain (NOAA, 2006). In this case, it will be probable to have a reduction in food output with an extreme high temperature. For example, in 2002 Italy experienced a record drop, and in France the wheat harvest nearly declined by 21% (Easterling et al, 2007). Secondly, extreme weather happened more frequently in recent years. This May, drought in China has affected 6. million hectares of farmland, and in the US, floods along the Mississippi River and its tributaries have affected approximately 3. 6 million acres of cropland (Bloomberg, 2011). Although the governments can use the international trade to alleviate the pressure of inadequacy of food supply, the reductions in Europe still have a very negative influence on local inhabita nts and add more unstable factors to current shortage of food supply. Then, for a great number of people in some developing areas, such as Asia and Africa, the shortage of water is the main problem for crop production. In some areas, people cannot afford the expensive fee of irrigation machines. However, the overpumping and waste of the water has caused falling of water in China and India which will lead to the shortage of water in the end. Additionally, the backward agricultural methods and tools, unhealthy people and unhealthy soils in these areas are also important causes. On the other hand, if the demand of food is much huger than the supply in one place, their only way is to access them form others. For many places which is suffering from undernourishment, purchasing food from other countries is quiet difficult. Most of these countries are developing countries, whose food security is limited by their wealthy level. In addition, the huge world population is another reason. The chart below indicates the constantly rising trend of population, the number recently has been over 6 million, and it will be more than 9 million based on their prediction. The huge population will certainly bring enormous pressure to the food security. In other words, the huge world population not only decreases the food per capita, but also brings the world more babies which eeds a long time to become available labor. [pic] The last but not the least, high food prices make the situation even worse. According to FAO s data, the population of undernourishment increased by 75 million, which is higher than it in 2003 to 2005. The scientists analyzed it is caused by the rising food price (FAO, 2008). Additionally, in some countries in African, South American and Asia where average income is very low, to achieve the food se curity is almost impossible. For instance, Afghanistan is one of the most food-insecure countries. In Afghanistan, with 80% of the population living in rural place, the agricultural industry is most significant to this country. However, the households in Afghanistan still need to spend over 60 percent of their budgets on food. In 2008, it can be easily found in the chart, the wheat flour price experienced a sharp increase from 15 per kg to 45 per kg, which greatly increased the burden of the inhabitants (D’Souza, 2011). When the flour price rises, the local people will certainly spend more percentage of their incomes on wheat flour rather than some high-quality vegetables and meat. Unreasonable diet structure can directly contribute to lacking nutrition and influence their healthy. As a result, a vicious circle is created and makes the area trap in chronic hunger. [pic] Food insecurity is the result of many factors; the causes of it are complex and interact. In order to solve the issue, I strongly suggest the solutions should be presented based on the current situation. It is necessary to make greater efforts to develop new kinds of agricultural products or technology to avoid the influence of climate change. For example, we can improve the method of irrigation to make it less wasteful and more widespread. At present, most farmers irrigate their crops by flooding their fields or channeling the water down parallel furrows, relying on gravity to move the water across the land. (Postel, 2001) Thus, this method of irrigation absolutely will waste much water and sometimes even cause the soil erosion. In addition, the scientists can use biotechnology to invent a new kind of grain which is more heat-resistant and drought-tolerant. In this way, it will be possible to reduce the influence of extreme weather and product enough food. Then, the problem is seemed to be more serious in some developing countries because of both low agricultural productivity and the high poverty level. Some of them is affected by wars and political instability, while at the same time, some countries are suffering from the long-term lack of labour and disease. In this case, what I suggest is that the developed areas should pay more attentions to these countries and offer more assistence. For example, the grain are particularly important for the hunger population in some African countries which has no ability to product their own food. Without enough labour and suitable weather for growing crops, grain production is quite low in these countries. Additionally, undernourished people there will easier to infected the HIV/AIDS, and develop all the symptoms of the disease more quickly than the healthy people. (Kadiyala S and Gilleapie S, 2003) Therefore, maybe the only way for this area is to seek helps from other countries. Moreover, this kind of assistance also can be used to relieve the problem of domestic poverty. The government can provide some extra service for the poor, such as food assistance, and social security system to make sure the poor can keep their livings. Eventually, high food prices is mainly caused by the shortage of food supply. In order to solve this issue, governments should consider more about the global situation. Stocking up the crops can guarantee the food supply for the local markets. However, it is not so wise to do so in the current time. Limiting the world food exports can eventually lead to rise of food prices. In other words, the total amount of food is divided into many parts by all the counties, which caused the disparity of food distribution at present. If there is a really global market for all of the grain, maybe the situation will become much better. Conclusion To improve the food insecurity is a long-term job for the people all over the world. In general, the people who lives in South Asia, West Asia and Sub-Saharan African may have the most insecurity about food. Refer to all of these solutions, the actions made by the governments may be the most efficient ways. Offering assistance to the poor can relieve the pressure of food shortage in the short run, and help people overcome the crisis. However, the food insecurity fundamentally result from the shortage of food supply, what we should do is to produce enough food and offer the public an appropriate food price.

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Compare Gothic Architecture and Troubadour Poetry free essay sample

Europe had alot of cultural diversity. Gothic Architecture and Troubadour poetry can be compared geographically by their first settings; compared artistically by man expressing himself; and culturally contrasted because of associated religion. Both Gothic architecture and Troubador poetry can be compared because of their settings. It can be shown that Gothic Architecture can be compared because gothic cathedrals popped up in France during the Middle Ages. Its further told that Troubadour Poetry can be compared because the Troubadours emerged in southern France, and the poets were in the Middle Ages too. Both Gothic Architecture and Troubadour Poetry can be compared because of man expressing himself. It can be explained that Gothic Architecture can be compared because it was a way to show the power and clarity that the Catholic Church had over its subject with its insane height. This is further argued that troubadour poetry can be compared because it idealized their perception of romantic, courtly love through words. We will write a custom essay sample on Compare Gothic Architecture and Troubadour Poetry or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page Gothic Architecture was a catholic characteristic. On the other hand, Troubador Poetry was not with the catholic beliefs. The contrast with the Gothic Architecture can be defended because the distinct features of it was on cathedrals . The contrast with Troubadour Poetry is justified because it was from a gnostic christian group, called the Cathars, who rivaled against against and were suppressed by the Catholic Church. The Gothic Architecture and Troubadour Poetry both have the same setting and the need for expression through a medium, but differ in religious association.

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Teaching Standards in Californian System of Studying and the Advanced Placement History Course

Teaching standards are one of the bases for the normal functioning of the college system and the efficiency of the tasks, as well as the orderliness of the curriculum.Advertising We will write a custom essay sample on Teaching Standards in Californian System of Studying and the Advanced Placement History Course specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Hence, the standards established for certain grades must take into account an umber of factors, such as the abilities of the students at the given age, the previous history of the curriculums, the knowledge obtained, the material that has been embraced and the gaps that have been left unfilled, etc. Moreover, at certain points, the curriculums of the two systems are supposed to intertwine, since the material studied in the 10th grade within the sphere of California Standards and the Advanced Placement History Course are supposed to correlate and have the points of contact as the courses that actually teach the same subject. Despite the obvious efficacy of the Californian system of studying and the Advanced Placement History Course, there are obvious discrepancies in the educational systems, which means that the issue has to be considered thoroughly. The analysis of the two systems shows that each of them displays certain peculiarities that cross at the points concerning the skills that the systems are supposed to train in the students, yet have considerable differences in the way the given skills are taught. One of the first issues that one will immediately spot is the recurrent themes that both the Californian curriculum and the Advanced Placement History Course have. While the Californian curriculum themes â€Å"are intended to provide foundational knowledge for future college-level course work† (California tenth grade’s standards, 2008, p. 5), in the Advanced Placement History Course, the themes are obviously supposed to develop the wide spectrum of kn owledge on a certain issue and mostly concern specialized topics: â€Å"Content Standard: World History, Culture, and Geography Students analyze the effects of the Industrial Revolution in England, France, Germany, Japan, and the United States† (College Board, 2011). It is essential to emphasize that each of the given topics is rather vast, but at the same time vague. In contrast to the Advanced Placement History Course, the Californian standards are much more precise and to the point: â€Å"Content Standard: World History, Culture, and Geography Students analyze the effects of the Industrial Revolution in England, France, Germany, Japan, and the United States† (College Board 2011).Advertising Looking for essay on education? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More In terms of the student skills that the given systems train, one should mention that each of the courses presupposes the development of the abilities to analyz e and offer solutions for certain problems. College Board (2011) insists that the students should be able to reason, compare and analyze (p. 7), and California tenth grade’s standards (2008) confirm that: â€Å"CA.9-12.HS Content Standard: Historical and Social Sciences Analysis Skills.† As for the coverage of the topic s offered, one must admit that the California tenth grade’s standards deals with the given issue in a far more efficient way, offering a plethora of problems to discuss and splitting the curriculum into numerous points, while the College Board (2011) prefers not to go into details. However, the curriculums of the two grades help the students develop comparatively similar skills. Taking a closer look at the curriculum of the Californian educational system, one must mark that the latter presupposes the development of such skills as the ability to analyze and approach a certain issue from multiple viewpoints. According to the College Board (2011), t he students who attend the given courses must obtain the knowledge concerning such spheres as â€Å"interaction between humans and environment† (p. 17), â€Å"development and interaction of cultures† (p. 18), â€Å"State-building, expansion and conflict† (p. 18), â€Å"Creation, expansion, and interaction of economic systems† (p. 19) and â€Å"Development and transformation of social structures† (p. 20). It seems that with the help of merging the two systems, a more efficient way of coping with the academic material can be found. Comprising the detailed outline of the California tenth grade’s standards and the comprehensibility of the College Board system might finally result in an all-embracing program that will spur the efficiency of the students. Hence, it can be deduced that in the Californian system of teaching the subjects and the one of the Advanced Placement History Course, certain parallels can be traced. Nevertheless, one must admi t hat the system of teaching in the Californian and the Advanced Placement History Course teaching styles both leave much to be desired and offers a vast area for improvements.Advertising We will write a custom essay sample on Teaching Standards in Californian System of Studying and the Advanced Placement History Course specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More With the help of a rational approach towards the issues that cause the greatest problems in the studying process, one is likely to come up with the most efficient solutions. Moreover, the positive elements of the California Standards and the Advanced Placement World History Course teaching system should be marked as well. It is obvious that with the help of the recurrent issues in the topics and the subjects in the California Standards and the Advanced Placement World History Course, students are likely to digest and remember the material netter. Once introducing the efficient amen dments to the existing system, one is likely to create a perfect environment for fruitful studying. Reference List California tenth grade’s standards (2008). Teaching History Board. Web. College Board (2011). AP world history. Sacramento, CA: The College Board. Web. This essay on Teaching Standards in Californian System of Studying and the Advanced Placement History Course was written and submitted by user Rodolfo G. to help you with your own studies. You are free to use it for research and reference purposes in order to write your own paper; however, you must cite it accordingly. You can donate your paper here.

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true love essays

true love essays Foolish Love Throughout my life I have behaved in many of foolish ways due to the emotion called love. Love is something I used to dream about as a child and have grown to fear as an adult. Every person feels differently about love, but because of David I hurt my parents, my self-esteem and ability to trust people. At the age of fourteen, I was not concerned with my parents feelings. I did exactly the opposite of what they told me to do and did not think about the consequences. When they found out I was dating a guy five years older than me they tried to prohibit me from seeing him again. I was in love so I made it possible to see David every time he wanted to see me. I would get my parents to drop me off somewhere like the movies or putt-putt and he would pick me up after they had left. I would sneak out of my bedroom window and meet David down the road. I did not care if my parents found out, all that mattered to me was seeing David. I blamed everything that went wrong in my life o n them. If David did not call me one night, I would accuse them of taking the phone off the hook. If David was rude to me, I would claim it was because he knew they did not like him. I would do anything to ignore the fact that David did not love me. It took a while for my parents to forgive me. I can only imagine what I put them through. I just wanted to be loved by David so deeply, I hurt the people who actually loved me the most. Not only did I hurt my parents, I hurt my self-esteem to. I would constantly criticize myself by thinking the reason David left me was because I was not pretty enough for him. In my mind David was perfect and I was nothing without him. I blamed myself for being so young and immature when all along it was David who was the immature one. He would often make jokes about my age as if it was my fault that I was younger than him. I would lock myself in my bedroom and not see or talk to anybody for days at a time. Eventually, I realiz ...

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The reason to choose nursing as a career Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

The reason to choose nursing as a career - Essay Example The researcher tells that his personal philosophy as a nurse is to provide quality health care especially on a preventive basis. Modern medical practice has moved from curative care to preventive care. Preventive care is cheaper than curative and poses little danger to patients. Preventive care is mainly advisory and leads to a better quality life than curative as the body stays healthy for a long time. The immune system is not weakened and this means that the person is protected from exposure to diseases that weaken the body and may lead to complications. The advice is to practice healthy standards of living so as to prevent the person from health problems that may lead to complications. Modern practice is moving towards preventive care as it costs less to maintain than curative and it leads to long, quality life. The researcher’s philosophy is to also give the most affordable and least invasive care to the patients. Modern medical advances in medicine have offered simple met hods of taking care of patients so as to maintain quality lives. The advances have also integrated natural health care systems with medical care to ensure that people are encouraged to let the body’s immune system work to fight off diseases. This strengthens the immune system and develops immunity that fights off diseases in the case of recurrences. This is important as it helps the body to fight off diseases in future and this is important in improving health.

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Gestational Diabetes Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Gestational Diabetes - Research Paper Example Fetal and neonatal problems that are linked with GD mainly include amplified risk for miscarriage, stillbirth and macrosomia. A regular check and a good meal plan together with physical activity can help pregnant women with GD to have healthy babies. GESTATIONAL DIABETES INTRODUCTION Gestational Diabetes (GD) as the name suggests refers to the diabetes that occurs during pregnancy. It is a serious problem that can be detrimental for both mother and child if not checked regularly. The high blood sugar during pregnancy is mainly linked to the hormonal changes that inhibit the production of insulin. Statistics suggest that about 4 % of all pregnant women have GD. According to the statistical data, in every 100 pregnancy in US, 3 to 8 women get GD that is type-2 diabetes. It is anticipated that about 135,000 cases of GD take place in the US annually (, 2011). Though it is a common problem it is important to keep a check on the blood glucose level because an incr eased glucose level can result in deformities in the baby. In general the fetal and neonatal problems that are linked with GD mainly include amplified risk for miscarriage, stillbirth and macrosomia (Big baby). A regular check and a good meal plan together with physical activity and proper medication can help pregnant women with GD to have healthy babies. ... The main hormones that are responsible in development of placenta during pregnancy are involved in blocking the activity of insulin in the body. In other words the insulin become resistant and does not function normally during pregnancy. Additionally, studies point out that during pregnancy the need of insulin production is about 3 times when compared to normal period. For instance, a mother may require up to three times more insulin for the conversion of glucose to the energy. The need for energy is very high during pregnancy. When body is unable to use insulin due to insulin resistance GD develops. If the high blood glucose level is not kept under check it may lead to hyperglycemia which is dangerous for both mother and child. GD does not usually start until halfway of the pregnancy. It is a common practice to during pregnancy between the 24th and 28th week to receive an oral glucose tolerance test to screen for GD. Women who have risk factors for gestational diabetes may have this test earlier in the pregnancy. Further, the symptoms of GD include blurred vision, fatigue, increased thirst, increased urination, infections in the bladder, vagina and skin, nausea and vomiting and also weight loss in spite of increased appetite (NCBI, 2010). The high risk for GD include the age factor, family history, GD in earlier pregnancies, high urine sugar, high blood pressure, increased amniotic fluid, earlier cases of miscarriages and stillbirths, and also overweight or obese before pregnancy. Chances of GD are high in case the woman is older than 25 years when pregnant. Additionally if the blood relations such as father, mother or siblings of the woman have a history of diabetes, then the chances

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Summary Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 67

Summary - Essay Example In terms of recruitment, selection is often done on the basis of qualifications and experience of the prospective job candidate in order to establish if he or she is capable of performing the job. Organization can be loosely described as a group of people working together for a common cause or purpose. For instance, a group of people involved in some sort of business can be referred to as an organization because they are somehow organized and they pull their efforts towards the attainment of the desired goals. Usually, people work for different goals such as the need to obtain profit from their operations and these goals can only be achieved if the people involved are organized. In an organization, people have a clear vision and they are aware of the direction to follow in their operations. Interpretation is a term that is used to describe the process where a person tries to explain the meaning of something. For instance, a piece of art or music can have different meanings and people often try to explain these meanings to other people in order for them to fully understand the message that is being conveyed. Thus, interpretation is an attempt to elaborate the meaning of something which can be interpreted in different